Heron soaking in the sun. For sale: $899 (pic: Boutique Creative)
Coffee Scoop. For sale by order: $29 (pic: Boutique Creative)


Bread Plate for sale by order: $179 (pic: Boutique Creative)



Tree Frog for sale: $49



Rising fish ($95)


Stylized Acanthus Leaf ($90)



Peace Carving
Peace Sign (sold)
Van Dyk Crest
Small Family Crest (sold)
Horse Bust Sculpture (sold)

Horse Bust


Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron
Common Loon
Common Loon (sold)
Completed Blossoming Lotus
Completed Blossoming Lotus (sold)
Another view of the Maple Leaf
Maple Leaf  (sold)
Bailie Crest Winner
Family Crest (sold)
Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross (sold)
Mahogany Fruit Bowl
Mahogany Fruit Bowl (sold)
Hummingbird view 1
Hummingbird view (sold)
Relief carved tall ship
Tall Ship Relief Carving (sold)
Carved Fireplace Mantel in Dining Room
Dining Room Fireplace Mantel (sold)
Carved Stair Panel
Carved Stair Panel (sold)
Half Finial
Half Finial (sold)
Finished Finial
Oak Finial (sold)
Cedar hummingbird
Hummingbird (sold)



7 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Hi- art gave me your info.
    How much for the wooden serving plate that saya give thanks/ the one you gave them?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Diana. Thank you for your interest in my serving plates. Art is my brother-in-law and old skiing and treeplanting buddy. Do you have an email address we can use to discuss the plates – if you decide you want one or two, we’ll need to discuss the price and I’ll have to get your address to ship them, etc, which should be done privately. My email address is and perhaps you can contact me that way? Again, thanks for your interest in my carvings.

  2. I love the cedar hummingbird on the wooden stand. Is there a way you can carve more because I love hummingbirds an I would lvevto buy one. Also the other one to.

  3. I tried to send an email to you from the email address you sent me but it would not go through it said I am blocked.

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