About the Carver and this Blog

Wood is in my blood!

I am Grant McMillan, a woodcarver and sculptor based in Langley, BC, Canada. I carve because I love beauty, I love wood, and I love “oh look at that!” moments. I am inspired by people who have great skill in creating things of beauty and I am striving to do that myself.

I come from a long line of lovers of wood. My grandfather was a logger and forester in Ontario. My father was raised in logging camps and became a highly skilled custom woodworker building many beautiful pieces of furniture. I made my first piece of furniture in 1980, and I have been carving since 1995, when my father bought me a carving gouge and two carving knives. I have been a member of the Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers Club since 2009 and have gained inspiration and ideas from that group.

You’ll see that I prefer to leave my carvings unpainted because I love the beautiful marriage of wood and sculpting. I’d rather see the grain, the skill of the carver in using a gouge, and the natural sheen of the wood itself.

Grant carving a mantel

I have carvings in private collections all over Canada, the western United States, New Zealand, and South Africa.

If you want a sculpture that reflects your own loves, we can co-create a piece of art that is just for you. Send me an email at gvmcmillan@gmail.com

There’s no commitment until you agree that you want me to carve you something and we agree on a price. Until then, let’s talk.

7 thoughts on “About the Carver and this Blog”

  1. My wife’s father just passed on and his ashes are going to be kept in a wooden urn. We have the urn already, but it has not been adorned with an engraving or a finish. We were wonderig if this something that you would be able to work with? If you have interest give me a call, 604 613-1782.

  2. Hi Grant …my name is Terri, I couldnt find a phone # for any carving assoc. but I ran across your name on one of the sites and thought maybe you’d know someone to contact in regards to some wood. We have two big chunks of cedar that were recently felled on the property, there’s also some smaller log pieces… do you know if any carvers would be interested in them or do you fall your own trees? The big ones are about 2.5 feet across by 11 ft, and 13 ft. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  3. my son is getting married in August 2014, we were hoping to get a family crest carved for the head table size 24″ wide and 30″ tall, I have a electronic copy which I can send you, a ball park on cost to determine whether this is even an option

    1. Hi Larry,
      This sounds like a very nice and important project. Costs are determined by size, type of wood, complexity of the carving, and the finish to be applied to the wood. I’ll detail more of this in an email to you. Cheers!

  4. I’m looking for some info I have come across a carved duck its stamped with blk ink under it saying another woodcarving from the shop of ??????something McMillan the stamp was over a knot so cant see first name. its carved also with a M inside a circle and 1983 under it is this your piece?

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