A Successful Art Show


Visitors to Art of the Carver show

Friends, thank you for coming to the Art of the Carver show and sale this past weekend. It was a resounding success! There was some discomfort among the organizers because we introduced a few significant changes this year, but I think we’re all celebrating now. We moved the venue from Chilliwack to the Matsqui Community Hall and guess what? More people showed up! We placed a greater emphasis on offering carvings for sale and guess what? More people purchased carvings! We asked some carvers to demonstrate how to carve and guess what? We could hardly finish carving because of the crowds of people asking questions and chatting us up about our work. We had a food truck outside – thanks to the fine people at Urban Spoon – and they served BBQ’d brisket along with a bunch of other great menu items. Brisket! My mouth is watering even as I remember the deliciousness… Step aside people, I’m going back for seconds!

So many volunteers made the show a success. The judges were fantastic (even if I didn’t do quite as well as the Richmond show). We had a few vendors who I’m sure did quite nicely based on the lineups I saw to purchase their equipment. Rick Wiebe of Wood ‘N Wildcraft had a huge table with a row of carving tools like you’ve never seen in one place before. And Bow River Woods had a solid table with nice sales on items. There were other vendors as well, and I saw many people walking away with tools, wood, and other items they had purchased.

These next photos are of carvings by other carvers and one of my bread plates.

Experts table – White flower drop won best of show
Koi Fish
One of Milt Stein’s beautiful creations
One of my bread plates

Creepy Clowns and Sharp Knives

The annual “Art of the Carver” woodcarving show & sale  Fraser Valley Woodcarvers Club. is this weekend in Chilliwack, BC. It’s hosted by the Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers Club.

Expect hundreds of carvings to be on display, and many hundreds of people to be there. It’s a great venue with some of the top carvers in the world showing their work.

Here’s the show poster with all the details. Be prepared to see a creepy clown (my kids are afraid of clowns…)

Art Show Experience

I hope you had a chance to visit the “Art of the Carver” art show on Saturday. What a great experience! It was held in a very large facility, Heritage Park in Chilliwack, BC, as it needed to house approximately 400 visitors as well as enough tables to hold hundreds of wood and stone carvings. There were about 20 vendors (by my count) selling everything from wood carving tools to books and magazines, to carvings, and even jewelry. The fine folks from Raptor’s Ridge were there with live birds: a Harris hawk and a Kestrel – my favourite bird.

There were 4 long rows of tables displaying carvings. Each row displayed a level of carvings: novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert.

Shooting Carvings

This was only the second time I’ve put a carving in a show. The first time was two years ago but the venue was much smaller. Clearly, woodcarving is taking off, based on the numbers of carvers and attendees.

Judges Table Carvings

I was a little unsure about how my carving would be judged this year, and I really wanted to improve, so I volunteered to follow the three judges around and record the results. I figured there would be some discussion about what makes a good carving, and I wanted to glean some tips and ideas. The three judges were Dennis Moor of Chipping Away, Betty Sager of Captured in Wood, and Rick den Braber, three very experienced and professional carvers I admire. The picture above and below this paragraph shows some of their work.

More Judges Table Carving

I learned quite a bit from following them around. First, these judges didn’t like a glossy finish on a carving. Several carvings that were close in quality lost places by having a high-gloss finish. They said it distracts the eye from the quality of carving. It also shows flaws rather more than is desirable. Second, they definitely lean towards larger carvings that have “a sense of presence” with an artistic flair. If it was supposed to have humour, the one that made them laugh won. If it was supposed to be technically correct, it had better be correct. For example, realistic bird carvings were critiqued very closely for eye-placement, beak/bill placement and angle, and the colour and skill of painting was also important. Size of feet, shape of body – basically everything was critiqued very closely.  One other thing that I expected but is worth mentioning because the judges noticed also: slips and cuts from gouges and knives are quickly discerned by the judges and lose marks. By this I mean that if your gouge slips and stabs the wood or you make a stop-cut too far and there’s an extra long cut in the wood, that’s a no-no. Otherwise, the general shape, balance, and overall skill shown were also significant factors.

I don’t mean to make the judges sound overly critical, but obviously they had to judge the carvings. However, I was heartened to hear them make a lot of encouraging comments as well. Any carver that asked a question about their carving was answered in great detail and went away encouraged. The spirit of the whole thing was very positive.

And the results? Well, let’s say I was pleased to come away with a blue ribbon. The carving is a surprise commission from a wife to her husband, so you’ll have to wait until he receives it before I post any pictures.

Oh, and if you weren’t there, you really should try and make it next year. I’ll let you know when the next show is.

Now, enjoy some more eye candy 🙂

First Nation Carver from Mission, BC
I wish I could remember the carver’s name.
Same Carver as above, but who?

Wood Carving Art Show

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers Clubis hosting a public art show. “The Art of the Carver” is a show and sale of carving art from all over the northwest. It’s being held in Chilliwack, BC, at Heritage Park on Saturday, May 7th, from 11 am to 7 pm. Admission is $2 donation for adults. Kids under 12 are free.

Carved Harp at 2010 “Art of the Carver” show carved by Ken Fotheringham

Now’s your chance to see some world class wood carvers displaying their art in a show while also competing for awards like “Best of Show” and “First Place in Division”, etc. Three judges,  including Canada’s premiere carver, Dennis Moor, will be at the show to make their determinations for what makes a great carving. Dennis Moor is the owner of Chipping Away, a wood carving store, and also is the designer of what are undoubtably the world’s best chip carving knives on the market. Not only will he be judging the entries, but he will also be doing a few carving demonstrations throughout the day.

Stylized bird from the 2010 “Art of the Carver” show (again, not my carving)

Also, if you’d like to find out prices of carvings, many of the carvers will have their carvings on sale. If you’re a carver, you can compare prices to see if you’ve priced your carvings “in the market”. There will be hundreds of people at the show admiring and buying. If you’re looking at picking up a tool or two, there will be many vendors displaying tools and materials and giving demonstrations.

Carved Horse from the 2010 “Art of the Carver” show (Someone else’s carving)

I hope to see you there!