Living Outside the Box: A Carved Urn

22 months ago my friend Ray Olafsen was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. We had the privilege of walking through it with him and his wife Doris. Ray was unique and amazing. I have never met anyone who lived so intentionally and so generously. Ray made everyone feel special and loved. When Doris asked me, a few weeks before he passed, if I would make his urn, I immediately said yes. And could I carve something about Ray on the box? Oh yes I would!

The pictures below tell the story:

Ray wanted me to be sure to spell his name correctly “with an e, not an o.” He joked that when he got to the Pearly Gates, he would have St. Peter double check the spelling of his name in the Book of Life. I made sure his earthly home had the correct spelling!

Ray was not a pushy, Bible- thumping Christian. Far from it. Instead, Ray would simply want you to know that you are important to God and that he hopes you are prepared to leave this earth with little warning. I heard him say to people who were nervous about talking about his looming death, “I know I am dying and I am ok with that. But we are all dying. I have been given the privilege of having some warning and I know I am going to heaven. Do you know where you are going?”

Ray’s urn points the way. He lives outside this box, which is exactly how he lived life.

See you soon, Ray. See you soon.


One thought on “Living Outside the Box: A Carved Urn

  1. Lovely post and lovely work. Thanks very much for sharing the link in your comment on my Instagram post. Ray is so right; we are all dying. We ought to keep that more firmly in mind and live accordingly!

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