A TV Interview with Grant McMillan

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I would be featured in an interview for Shaw TV’s Go! West Coast. It is now live, and you can watch it on Shaw TV’s channel 4. If you are not a Shaw subscriber (as I am not), you can view it on YouTube: Langley Carver. It’s a 2 minute and 7 second video, so it won’t take long.

I misspoke near the beginning of the interview when I said my dad was a carver and my grandpa was a woodworker. I don’t recall saying my dad was a carver – he was a woodworker. But somehow I slipped up on that. Oh well!

I know I’m probably being too self-critical, but near the end of the video I appear to be rather over-animated and a bit wild-eyed… Again, oh well!

The man behind the camera (Jim Price) did a fine job, and distilled about 2 hours down to 2 minutes. It was fun and I hope you enjoy watching it.


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