My 15 Minutes of Fame

With the advent of the phrase, “It’s gone viral!” I think we may need to revise the phrase about fifteen minutes of fame and call it the “fifteen seconds of fame.”

In about three weeks time you’ll be able to determine if I’m ready for a life of fame. On Wednesday I was interviewed in my garage/home/studio by a producer and cameraman from Shaw TV for the lifestyle show called “Go! Vancouver” or “Go! Westcoast” that airs (here in BC) on Shaw Channel 4 at 5 pm and 9 pm daily. If you are a subscriber, watch for the story about my carving work that should air in approximately 3 weeks time. If you’re not a Shaw subscriber, you can pick it up from Shaw’s Go! page or their Shaw TV Go! Westcoast YouTube channel.

You’ll be able to see me working on two carving projects as well as some of my recent relief carvings and sculptures. I share a little about my background and how I got into carving, as well as why I do what I do and what I hope you get out of it.

What you won’t see in the video is the mad scramble that happened a few days before the interview. My entire family, including my daughter-in-law, worked to clear out the garage/carving studio from all the stuff and detritus that accumulated over the years. They worked hard and made some tough decisions about throwing things out, including my son & daughter-in-law’s wedding cake. Hey, as the interviewer said to me, “I hope I’m not bursting your bubble when I say that reality TV isn’t always real.” Nope, no surprise there!

One thing I didn’t know (or maybe forgot) is that my lineage in wood work extends even further back than I thought. While on the phone bragging about my new found fame to my Mom this week, she informed me that not only was my father into wood working and my grandfather a sawyer, but my great-grandfather owned a sawmill in Ontario. That further convinced me that sawdust has found its way into my gene pool and altered my family line.

After going through a few old photos in preparation for the interview, I see that I should revise the timeline of how long I have been working in wood. I usually tell people that I started carving in 1989 or somewhere around there. In actual fact, I was helping my dad build our home while I was still in diapers! You say, “Pics or it didn’t happen!” Well, here’s proof:

Vic & baby Grant Building Skirting

As you can see, I was very good at holding down pieces of wood from floating off in the breeze.

And here I am screwing a board down with my bare hand!

Vic & Young Grant Woodworking

All that and I’m wearing a plaid shirt that would make Red Green jealous.

Anyhow, don’t forget to tune into Shaw TV in about 3 weeks and look for a red-faced, stammering guy who looks like me waving sharp tools at the camera. If you live in BC, it’s channel 4, airing daily at 5 pm and 9 pm.

P.S., If my old buddy Paul Corbett of Cutting Edge Lawn Care is reading this, I think I might have you and Steve beat for photo evidence of years of experience (haha!).


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