Van Dyk Family Crest

Van Dyk Crest

The Van Dyk family crest carving is now complete. I carved it in a solid piece of yellow pine, approximately 8.5″ x 11″ and 3/4 of an inch thick. It is finished in two coats of Danish wax oil, and hand rubbed to a warm glow. This will hopefully be a family heirloom.

This was a commission from a local realtor friend. Contact me if you would like something similar. I have access to heraldry records for your family name (as long as you have an official crest).

Update. Here is a comment from the client:

“Hey Grant !!! Wow the crest looks even better in person… What a fantastic craftsman you are!!!!! I’m going to hug you next time I see you be prepared…
It will be a Christmas gift and I’m certain the Van Dyk family will Love it For generations to come…..
Thanks Grant!”

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Grant McMillan

I am the University Registrar at Trinity Western University, and I've been in the profession since 1997. I have an MA in Organizational Leadership, and have made a career of going into organizations that are in very difficult situations and leading them to a much better place. I teach Leadership to budding managers in the Adult Degree Completion program at Trinity Western University. I speak and consult, with organizations. Contact me at

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