Squirrel! Family Crest Carving


VanDyk Crest
Family Crest Progress

The family crest I have been working on as a commission is coming along. After some cleanup and undercutting of the leaves, I will add a few details such as the name of the family on the banner at the top, and some fringes on the ends of the ropes to the right and left of the banner. One more evening of work should have all that done. Then will come the finishing work – stain, varnish, etc.

This is carved in pine, which has strengths and weaknesses for carving. It is a softwood, and it really is quite soft. It cuts easily, sands easily, and doesn’t have a distracting grain pattern. On the other hand, it  also dents, scratches, and breaks easily and must be designed in such a way to minimize these drawbacks. Of course one can’t protect against the clients dropping it or having a dog chew on it, but I have designed it in such a way that it shouldn’t be too easy to knock bits off if it is reasonably protected. But then again, pine is also very easy to repair, so if it happens, it happens.

This carving is approximately 8 1/2″ by 11″ and is for a family in the Lower Mainland of BC, who are long-term clients of a realtor who commissioned me to make this.


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Grant McMillan

I am the University Registrar at Trinity Western University, and I've been in the profession since 1997. I have an MA in Organizational Leadership, and have made a career of going into organizations that are in very difficult situations and leading them to a much better place. I teach Leadership to budding managers in the Adult Degree Completion program at Trinity Western University. I speak and consult, with organizations. Contact me at grant.mcmillan@twu.ca

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