Letter Carving Course Again

The letter carving course at the Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers club went well on Wednesday night. So well that we ran out of wood for the number of people who wanted to do the course. This is what we carved.

Peace Carving
Peace Letter Carving

When was the last time you could take a 3-6 hour course for $5? The fee only covers the cost of the course – the rest I’m volunteering because I love carving and I love this club.

Want in? Come join us this Wednesday evening again. I’m coming supplied with more wood and we’ll do it again. Bring your pocket change, and a few carving gouges and one chisel. The gouges should be #3, #5, and #7 in about a 1/2″ width (or so). Bring more gouges if you have them.

What do you have to know about carving? Not much. There were two people who’d never even held a carving gouge before, and while they were a little behind the rest, they made good progress and assured me they would be back next week. You won’t be out of place, believe me.

I’ll see you there.



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