Letter Carving Course

Interested in learning how to do incised letter carving in wood? The Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers club is offering a course on Wednesday, November 18, with a follow-up session the following week if needed or wanted. 

The instructor is yours truly. We will be carving the word “Peace” in 1×5″ Aspen. If you have never carved a letter in your life or you want to hone your well-developed skills at lettering, the club welcomes students of all levels of experience. 

You must have the following tools, or ones very close to these:

  • Pencil
  • 3/4″ chisel (bring other sizes if you have them),
  • 1/2″ gouges in #3 and #5 sweep,
  • 3/8″ gouge in #7,
  • More gouges if you have them,
  • Methods for holding the wood (double-sided carpet tape is great), the shop has vises at each table too. 

The club meets on Wednesdays from 6-9 pm in the wood shop of Yale Secondary School. The cost of the course is $5 for members. There may be an additional fee for non-members (but membership is only $30). 

I hope you can make it. Please let me know you are coming so I can bring enough wood for you.



One thought on “Letter Carving Course

  1. Hey Grant,
    I am a camerman/producer at Shaw TV in Vancouver. I’ve been asked to do a few stories in the valley and I am wodering if you would like to do a story about your carving and art work. If there are projects you are currently working on I can use you working on them in the story. Please drop a line and we can see what we can come up with…Thanks, Jim
    jim.price@sjrb.ca, 604-603-5180.

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