A Horse of Course

Horse head in progress
Horse head in progress

Now that I’ve finished carving the corbels for a client, I am able to return to a project that has been in the works for some time. The horse bust you see above is coming along. I am relatively happy with the general shape, and so am able to focus on getting the details correct. Last night I worked on the inside of the nostrils. Next I need to shape the eyes, ears and mouth. After that will come the sides of the snout, the ears and the mane on the forehead. I will be shaping the head a little better around the ears too. The very last thing I will focus on is the mane down the neck. I’ve left quite a bit of material there to make it look a little wild. This is a wild horse sculpted from some pretty¬†wild wood, so the mane will not be tame.

The wood is a parallam beam. You can get an idea of its size from the carving bench it’s on, which is 16″ in diameter.

Horse Snout in Progress
Horse Snout in Progress

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