Carvings in Hope

We went home to my Mom’s place in Hope, BC for Easter. While we were there, I managed to get a new picture of one of my earliest carvings. It is a carving of a decaying leaf,  carved out of some decaying wood which somehow seems to work for me.

Leaf Bowl
Leaf Bowl

Early one morning, my wife and I took a quick walk around town and admired a few of the many, many wood carvings there. Two that jumped out at me this time were carved by Pete Ryan,  who has recently been part of a fun new TV show, Carver Kings.

The carving below is called “Man in Motion” and it is a carving of Rick Hansen, known for his Man in Motion tour to raise money for research into spinal injuries and their treatments.

Man in Motion by Pete Ryan
Man in Motion by Pete Ryan

The second carving that we admired was also carved by Pete Ryan, and is of a police dog that died in the line of duty, which is explained briefly in the plaque that is attached. You can read more about the story here (scroll down to the story about Chip).

Police Dog Memorial carved by Pete Ryan
Police Dog Memorial carved by Dr. Forbes

Most of the large carvings in Hope have been carved by Pete Ryan. All the carvings are top quality and show the incredible skill of the carvers. Be sure to stop in town and take a walking tour of the carvings. They are impressive. Don’t forget to pick up a coffee at the Blue Moose, a top-notch coffee shop right across the street from several of the carvings.

2 thoughts on “Carvings in Hope

  1. Hi Peter. I saw u on carver kings & thought I say hey. I still have all your carvings. The bed still use/ the Lady I get lots of compliments on her & the big table. I retired in Vernon last Sept. Enough painting. Glad u r still doing great work. Tim Greenslade

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