Floor Grate Installed (with pic)

The other day I gave the floor grate to my friends Scott & Cheryl, who kindly shared a photo of it installed in their floor. I think it looks pretty good there. It’s super strong, too – you could probably drive a truck over it! First, a pic of the old metal floor grate which was warped and guaranteed to rip a new hole in your socks

Metal Floor Grate
Metal Floor Grate

Now a pic of the maple floor grate installed:

Floor Grate Installed
Floor Grate Installed

I really love doing projects for people I care about. Creating something useful and beautiful is what makes me tick!

In other news, I’ve been getting out steelhead fishing lately, but with no luck. I’m starting to get antsy about gardening, although it’s still below freezing here right now. I have numerous carving projects to finish, and I’m planning an artistic pair of bookends out of the leftovers of a couple of parallam beams that an old friend from high school donated to my stash. I live in Langley, BC, which has the highest concentration of horses in all of Canada so I’m thinking something horse-ish. Stay tuned.

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