A Celtic Cross for Friends Who Lost a Loved One

Today I delivered a Celtic cross carving to co-workers at Trinity Western University whose baby died shortly before he was born. I cannot imagine what such a loss must feel like. We have other friends who lost a baby in child birth about 20 years ago, and they tell us they wonder, almost daily, what that baby would be doing now but their wondering is lonely. Without the child being physically present, others (we) forget.

Parents never forget.

I carved this cross as a lasting, physical reminder of the baby. I carved it with a hole through the middle of the cross as a symbol of the hole in his parents’ hearts. Yet the hole is there to remind us that God’s son Jesus defeated death – he died on a cross (probably a much cruder one than this) but didn’t stay on the cross, or in the tomb, but was raised back to life. The hole is a small window through which to look forward. It’s a statement about death, life, and the hereafter. It’s a statement about hope.

God never forgets either.

Celtic Cross GRF
In Remembrance of Grayson Ray Fitchett

About the carving:

It is carved in South American Mahogany, and is approximately 12″ tall, 5 & 1/2″ wide, and 1/2″ thick. It’s finished with Lee Valley’s Original Wood Finish (linseed oil & beeswax).


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