An Early Carving

My wife went to visit her folks for a few days this week and sent me a photo of one of my earliest carvings that I made for my mother-in-law. She loves hummingbirds and goes through about 30 pounds of sugar feeding the hummingbirds over the summer. That’s a serious addiction to hummingbirds, if you ask me!

So a number of years ago, I decided to carve her a hummingbird. I foolishly decided that figured maple would be the wood of choice, mostly because that was what what my dad had given me. What a lot of hard work that was! I tried to capture the idea of movement and gracefulness, with the beauty of a hummingbird in mid-hover.

After about a month of Sundays sanding and sanding and more sanding, this is what emerged from the wood.

Hummingbird view 2
Hummingbird view 2
Hummingbird view 1
Hummingbird view 1

About the carving:

It’s about 8 inches tall, carved in figured maple and black walnut. It is finished with Krylon. It’s in my mother-in-law’s private collection.


4 thoughts on “An Early Carving

  1. Hey Grant how much for one of these pieces, i am hummingbird crazy as my walls and ornaments can attest too, but this is truly beautiful, do you make them for friends? It is truly spectacular! Jen

    1. Hi Jenn,
      I don’t ever make duplicate carvings but I do make similar ones. That means you grt a unique, one-of-a-kind original and it protects the value of the art. This type of carving would run somewhere around $350. It’s very delicate so my Mom-in-law has it in a protected space.

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