Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers Have New Website

The club I’m a member of, the Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers , has a new website with all sorts of goodies on it. There’s a link to the schedule of meetings, a history of the club, links to instructional videos, etc. The site is still under some construction and I look forward to its development.

Check it out, but more importantly, come check us out at Yale Secondary! Membership is only $30 for the year and well worth it!

Hope to see you at one of our meetings in the fall. In the meantime, bookmark the new website and check it often.



4 thoughts on “Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers Have New Website

    1. Hi Terri, our carving club doesn’t have a phone because we don’t have an office – it’s a loose association of members who get together once a week. Anyhow, I’ll pass the word around at the club meeting tomorrow night (I have more cedar than I know what to do with, including three huge trees waiting for me in Abbotsford). You may also be able to sell the logs to one of the local mills. If they’re relatively straight, decent cedar is harder and harder to come by, so they might send a truck your way.

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