Creepy Clowns and Sharp Knives

The annual “Art of the Carver” woodcarving show & sale  Fraser Valley Woodcarvers Club. is this weekend in Chilliwack, BC. It’s hosted by the Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers Club.

Expect hundreds of carvings to be on display, and many hundreds of people to be there. It’s a great venue with some of the top carvers in the world showing their work.

Here’s the show poster with all the details. Be prepared to see a creepy clown (my kids are afraid of clowns…)


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Grant McMillan

I am the University Registrar at Trinity Western University, and I've been in the profession since 1997. I have an MA in Organizational Leadership, and have made a career of going into organizations that are in very difficult situations and leading them to a much better place. I teach Leadership to budding managers in the Adult Degree Completion program at Trinity Western University. I speak and consult, with organizations. Contact me at

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