Two Carving Tools For Sale

Here are a couple of my carving gouges for sale. Since I bought these tools, my carving style has changed and so they’ve been collecting dust for years. They’re too good for a life of shelf-sitting.

Side View Carving Gouges
Side View Carving Gouges
Top View Carving Gouges
Top View Carving Gouges

The top gouge I bought early on in my carving career when I was carving a lot of bowls. I haven’t carved a bowl in 6 years or more which is the last time this tool saw use. It’s a 3/4″ wide #5 long-bent gouge made by Henry Taylor. It’s razor sharp with a small inside bevel.

The bottom gouge is a spoon bent gouge, 1/2″ wide, #7 sweep, with a nice fish-tail shape (meaning it gets wider towards the business end of the tool. It’s also made by Henry Taylor. It’s razor sharp, but doesn’t have the inside bevel. I bought it when I was carving spoons, which I haven’t done in years, so I think someone else should enjoy it.

These tools sell for $35 each (approximate) in Lee Valley Tools. I’m offering them for each $20, which is a very good deal. Henry Taylor gouges do not come sharpened when new. These are very, very sharp. I have added some (easily removed) waxed sail cord whip-finished around the shafts to soften the corners when you grip the shaft with your hand. I add this feature to most of my carving gouges as I find them much easier to use for longer periods of time this way.

If you want one or both of these tools, contact me by email at


2 thoughts on “Two Carving Tools For Sale

  1. Grant,

    Good tip, to wrap the steel with cord for added comfort. I’ve never found mine to be uncomfortable, but I like knowing what solutions are available all the same.

    That’s a very good price for the gouges. I hope they find a good home.


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