Fruit Bowl Relief Carving Update

I’ve made some visible progress on the fruit bowl relief carving. I say “visible” because I’ve found that with high relief carvings, I have to do quite a bit of work before you can see much of a difference. In this case, I’ve roughed out the fruit and set the various depths of it. I’ve almost completed the flower drops and handle on the right, and roughed out the flower drops on the left.

My next job is to finish the flower drops and handles, clean up the fruit and back-cut it, then finish the bowl itself. It will have a band across it just under the rim, and grooves down to the stem of the base. I may do a little extra fanciness on the base too, but I’ll have to see how it will look.

Mahogany Fruit Bowl

This is the signature piece for an Adams style fireplace mantel. Adams style mantels were originally carved around the late 1800s in Europe and England, and  my clients want that look for their fireplaces. I’m quite entranced by how it’s turning out! What do you think? Have a question about it? Leave a comment.

In other news, Hallowe’en passed rather uneventfully here. It rained so hard only the hardiest of children showed up at our door and were rewarded with more candy. We ended up with extra left-over, which is just fine with me (heh heh). My son and his girlfriend demonstrated their carving prowess on a couple of pumpkins. I think they’ve done a great job!





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