Cherry Nativity Set (SOLD!)

ImageThis nativity set comes with a story. I started carving it in 2007, as a personal project. It was personal because the piece of cherry wood I carved it out of was a gift from my father. He brought the wood to me the last time he came for a visit. He had cut a large limb that he got while trimming a tree for a friend in the town of Hope. Unfortunately, in the process of drying, it developed a split that meant it wasn’t useful for making furniture, and he hoped I might be able to do something with it.

It sat for a while as I considered what would be a suitable carving. In the meantime, my father passed away from cancer, which somehow made the importance of what I carved with that piece all the greater. My father, Victor McMillan, was a committed Christian and someone who made a significant difference in the lives of many people. This was evident at his funeral which saw well over 500 people in attendance. That Christmas season, as we unpacked a nativity set that he had made for our family, I knew exactly what I would carve: a nativity.
It suits my father because it is representative of his Christian faith and the difference that following the Baby Jesus can make in anyone’s life. That old cherry tree limb found new life too – in this carving!

It is sold now, to a family that knew and were influenced by my dad. How appropriate! Approximate size of the largest character is 3″. The wood is cherry, finished in many coats of natural tung oil, hand rubbed between coats. This is a one-of-a-kind carving from a unique piece of wood, carved in memory of a unique man.

10 thoughts on “Cherry Nativity Set (SOLD!)

  1. Unless you have several sets you’ve made out of that piece of wood — one for each of your children, and one for yourselves — you should keep it and not sell it, for all of the reasons you mentioned above.

  2. Great story, Grant. I think of your Dad all the time; his influence on me was indelible, and I sure do miss him. He was a great ally, and I enjoyed our talks – very encouraging and very supportive. I wish I could be more like him, because he was like Him!

  3. Beautiful nativity. Good job Grant. Your dad influenced a lot of people one of them being my husband. I will never forget.

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