Fruit Bowl Relief Carving

I’m making progress on carving the fruit bowl for the Mahogany fireplace mantel. I am carving it in the style of a Georgian Adams mantel. The slab of mahogany is 2 inches thick and 24 inches wide and 19 inches tall and maybe one of the most beautiful pieces of wood I’ve ever worked with. The grain is straight and easy to work. Look at the size of these shavings I’m taking off with my 1″ wide gouge!


This next picture shows some of the depth of this carving. I’m just starting to rough it out as you can see. There will be quite a bit more depth when it’s finished.

The fine carving folks at the Central Fraser Valley Woodcarvers club have been a great encouragement to me. Joannie, Bonnie, Larry, and Roger are all top-notch woodcarvers who’ve supported me and welcomed me and helped with ideas. Not only that, but they tell some great stories too! Why don’t you come to Yale Secondary School’s woodshop this Wednesday evening sometime between 6-9 pm and see some of us in action. We might just give you a knife or a gouge and put you to work!

Fruit Bowl Major Elements Drawn

In other news, I spent the morning serving pancakes at Trinity Western University’s 50th Anniversary Weekend pancake breakfast. A bunch of us faculty deans and senior leaders made pancakes for 1200 people! After getting home, I checked on the garden which is producing carrots like they were rabbits. Funny thing is they’re all very short and squat. The beets are sorta struggling along. The third or fourth batch of lettuce is doing well. The beans are done, but the peas are starting again. Tomatoes are doing pretty well too. There’s nary a leaf left on any of the plants, but the tomatoes are ripening up nicely. Our herbs are taking over – Kathleen has a knack for growing things, especially herbs! Unfortunately our mint didn’t do so well, and the basil’s kinda limping along. Unlike Ian Norbury’s garden, we don’t have any problems with hares or rabbits. Ours seems to have attracted a squirrel who’s rather brazen in his thievery. He just sits there and dares you to do something about. I gave him a little squirt of water from the hose, which didn’t seem to bother him much. He seems to prefer the sunflower’s in the neighbour’s garden, which is just fine by me!

Till next time,



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