Walnut Fireplace Mantel is Complete

The American Black Walnut fireplace mantel is now complete! The last items I needed to carve were the two medallions for the ends. They really didn’t take too long because I designed the curves to fit my carving gouges. That and “holding your tongue just right” meant a beautiful glossy finish right from the carving gouges.

Here I demonstrate one of the grips I use with my largest gouge.

Carving Grip


Here’s a closeup picture of one of the medallions.

Walnut Medallion (Finished)
Finished walnut medallions

After meeting with the clients the other day, I was able to confirm that they liked the mantel and they particularly enjoyed the medallions, so I’ve put the whole thing together on top of the drawing and have taken a picture of the whole thing for you. This is the carving for their Library.

Walnut Mantel

So what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.



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