Carving a Family Crest, Part 4

Yesterday, I left you with a few pictures of the crest as the centre part was being carved. Today I’d like to show you how the Celtic knot was shaped. The hardest part of carving it is to make it consistent around the circle. The way I managed that was to make a template of paper, but only drew about 45 degrees of the arc. Then I turned the paper around the circle, tracing that part of the knot again and again. This ensured that each part looked the same. Then came the easy part – actually carving the wood!

Family Crest Unfinished
Celtic knot border

At this stage, the carving is almost complete. The next stage is to shape the banners and carve letters into them. Once that’s done, all that will be left is to put a finish on the carving. Stay tuned until tomorrow evening for that part of the story.

Grant McMillan

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