Carving a Family Crest Part Two

Yesterday, I mentioned that the Bailie Family Crest had been glued up into it’s approximate size. The carving is designed in a circle, so I found the centre of the glued up blank and marked it so I could cut it on my circle-cutting jig with my band saw. There’s a highly technical method of finding the centre of a square or rectangle – you draw lines from corner to corner and where the lines intersect to make an X, that’s the middle. Did you follow that? I know, it’s much easier than it sounds (wink wink). Then I drilled a shallow hole for the centre pin of the jig and started cutting.

Once the circle was cut out, I transferred the drawing onto the wood. There are always a few tense moments as I double-check to see that the drawing fits the cutout. So much work goes into the drawing that to re-size it to fit an errant cutting job would be so disheartening. But I must have taken enough precautions because the drawing fit perfectly and I transferred it right away.

The next job was to start bosting in. That means setting the deepest point of the carving, and determining the various layers and how deep they would be. In this case, the family crest has a frame of a Celtic knot around it which would be the highest point of the carving. The background around the shield and banners would be the lowest. The shield would be in the middle and the helmet would be almost as high as the Celtic knot. The points of the stars on the shield would be somewhere between the level of the shield and the highest point of the helmet.

Here’s a picture of it bosted in:

Bailie Crest Bosted In

Check back tomorrow to see the progress.

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