A Fun Little Carving

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Too much serious wood carving can be the same for me, so every now and then I enjoy making a fun, whimsical carving. For this carving, I wanted to make something that you can pick up and hold – a carving so smooth it feels like a river rock, worn glossy smooth.

I had a small piece of Lignum Vitae left over from another project, which would be perfect. It’s one of the heaviest, hardest woods in the world. It’s also naturally oily and shines beautifully when smoothed. Now to decide what would be fun to carve as well as fun to hold…

One day were out walking at Derby Reach near Fort Langley, BC, when we found a little salamander crawling on an old foundation of a ruined barn. It was so shiny and smooth, with a long tail that curled around, and a bulbous head. We watched it for a while until it seemed to find a nice sunny spot to warm itself to sleep. We would have liked to pick her up, she was so cute, but we decided it was better not to disturb her. Yes, this would make a nice fun little project to carve, and one that no one would mind picking up and holding.

Sally the Salamander

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog, you also know that I enjoy carving projects that have a little pleasant surprise – a kind of “Oh! Look at that!” experience is what I hope you’ll have. So, for this fun little girl, I added a little something extra fun. I inserted a powerful rare-earth magnet into the bottom of her tummy, which means she can hug walls (on a drywall screw) and fridges and corner-beads of walls, etc. My sister has one of these little salamanders and her kids have fun moving her around. The last time we were at her house, I saw it on her fireplace screen. Such fun!

Sally on a corner bead

About the carving:

It’s carved in Lignum Vitae, and sanded smooth. There’s no finish on it as it is naturally oily. It is 4″ long by 1″ wide and about a 1/2″ thick. I can make you one in something other than Lignum Vitae, as it’s an endangered wood and I don’t have any more left. But there are numerous other hardwoods available. $45 each plus shipping & handling.


3 thoughts on “A Fun Little Carving

  1. Great Job. I really like the idea. The magnet makes the carving so much more “interactive”. Not only is it nice to look at, it can also be played with.

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