A Carved Lotus Blossom

Last year, I was contacted by a person who was creating a studio at the Richmond campus of Kwantlen Polytechnic University. The studio was called “Blossoming Lotus Studio” and was being created by the Student Association. The studio had an image they wanted to use, and which was being painted on the wall of the hallway outside. They wanted me to carve something similar.

As this was going to be one of the few pieces of art inside the studio, I understood that it needed to be a relatively large piece. The studio also had  distinctly Eastern feel about it, yet here it was almost as West as it gets in Canada. This piece needed to capture both East and West. I decided that to be eastern, it needed to look like the lotus blossom, while also carved in a rich, dark wood. To reflect it’s location in the West, the lotus should be carved from an indigenous wood – local and common in Richmond – Western Red Cedar just seemed right.

Here’s a series of photos showing the progression of the carving:

Lotus in Concept

 The above picture is 5 pieces of Western Red Cedar, laminated together to form a panel almost 3 feet by 3 feet.

Lotus cut out


Lotus Beginning Carving


Lotus Almost Completed


Completed Blossoming Lotus


About the carving:

This carving was done in Western Red Cedar, approximately 2 feet 6 inches tall by 3 feet wide by 5/8″ thick. It’s finished with multiple coats of Tung Oil and hand rubbed to a smooth finish. It was done as a commission and is not for sale. It is currently hanging in the Blossoming Lotus Studio at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond Campus.

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